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Retirement Plan Education

Spectrum Financial offers free custom seminars to educate your employees about their retirement plan.

We have found that even if your firm has a 401(k) provider, often times many of your employees are still uncertain or confused about their investment choices and options. Therefore, they do not take advantage of your plan or are unaware of how to build a portfolio that adequately prepares them for retirement. We customize your seminar to educate your employees about the nuances of your company's unique plan.

The workshops assist your firm in your fiduciary role and can be coordinated with your company's benefit program or human resources department. These events can be held during or after working hours to best accommodate the needs of your employees and their spouses. The seminars are strictly educational and promote no specific product or strategy. Spectrum does not solicit your employees, but we do offer them a free consultation if they would like to meet with us.

We have conducted seminars for major corporations like General Motors and Modern Engineering, as well as Macomb County and City of Troy residents.

The seminars can be as comprehensive as a full retirement series that spans over several sessions, or a simple lunch-and-learn class. The retirement series provides information about investment management, asset allocation, retirement planning, tax law changes, tax planning, and estate planning alternatives. It may also include guest speakers from the Social Security Administration or law firms who specialize in their field.

If you are a business owner or human resource professional, and are concerned that your employees are not increasing their rate of savings to adequately prepare for retirement, please call 248-643-0033 for more information on how to provide free educational seminars!