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Workshop Topics

Selection of Workshop Topics

Your Retirement Plan-How Do You Make Sense of the Investment Options? Is it wise to modify the investments in your retirement plan every year? Is someone looking after your portfolio? There are so many options and it seems overwhelming; what do you do? Gain insight into your company's plan and determine what you can do to take full advantage of it.

Your 401(k)-How Do you Make Choices that Will Suit Your Needs? Are you sure you are doing what is best with your 401(k) to suit your lifestyle? Your long-term goals? Can you afford to take risks at this stage in your life? Coordinate your company retirement plan with who you are and where you want to be.

Asset Allocation in a Volatile Market-Does it Really Help? What type of market warrants the use of stocks? What about bonds? Is asset allocation the same as diversification? Find out how the appropriate mix of investments may help you rise above uncertain market conditions and may minimize losses.

Designating Proper Beneficiaries-Is It Important in Estate Planning? Do you understand the advantages of the Roth IRA? Do you know that you may save substantial taxes on your 401(k) and IRA? How does your trust affect your beneficiaries? Will your assets pass in the way you desire? Learn how to preserve your legacy so your beneficiaries can avoid probate.

Retirement-How Much Money is Enough to Live On? What can I expect in retirement? What determines my monthly retirement budget? What can I do to offset inflation? How might asset allocation protect my portfolio? Do I still need all this life insurance? Learn how to plan for a secure retirement.

A Car, A Boat or Your 401(k)-Which is the Best Decision for You? Do you feel like you have better things to do with your money than put it into a retirement account? Why do you need to consider your 401(k) at this stage in your life? Are the tradeoffs worth the sacrifices? Learn how and why you can benefit by using your 401(k) account.

This is a sample of some of the workshops available.
We can also customize a seminar for your company.