Asset Management

Determining what investments to make or avoid when planning for the future wealth can be a daunting task.  What should you invest in? Should it be stocks, bonds, real estate?  Should it be in fixed incomes? What is or should be your risk?

By considering several variables, including a  client's unique circumstances, risks, and preferences, portfolio managers  can  customized a plan based upon income needs, tax circumstances, and liquidity expectations. They can even base decisions on a client's moral and ethical values as well as personality.

What Spectrum Can Do For You

The advisors at Spectrum Financial will work with you to tailor an investment portfolio that meets your unique financial needs and objectives. 

We believe that the “right” investment strategy must be capable of employing your capital base to achieve the results you need without exposing your capital to unacceptable risks.  The “right” strategy is a subjective judgement.  One person’s “right” answer could be unacceptable or illogical for another person.  And our goal is to balance risk and return to assure that your current and future goals are met.

Spectrum Financial can assist you in selecting an asset allocation to meet your objectives.

  1. Time frame for your investments
  2. Your overall risk tolerance
  3. Implementation of an Asset Allocation that meets your needs
  4. Ongoing evaluation and adjustment of the allocation as needed
  5. Monitoring and reporting of portfolio performance
  6. Comprehensive written reviews


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